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* All tuition is payable monthly and due by the second class of each month.

* Tuition may be paid in the form of check, cash, Visa, Master card or American Express.

* Tuition not paid on or before the 2 class of each month will be assessed a late charge of $15.00. We do not send out billing statements.

* All Checks are to be made payable to Dance Electric. Please put your child’s first and last name in the memo section of your check.

* Tuition is based on a school year (August-June), four lessons per month.

When fifth weeks occur that extra lesson balances for months in which three weeks occur. The studio has a no cash refund policy. Make up lessons due to absence may be arranged through the studio.

* There will be a service charge of $30.00 on returned checks.

* Students whose tuition is not paid in full by the 2 class of the month will not be allowed to participate in class until tuition has been paid.

* If your tuition is delinquent at costume time, costumes will be held until you have met your financial commitment.

* Students with an outstanding balance at recital time will not be allowed to participate in the year-end performance. Your account must have a ZERO balance to participate.

Tuition is based on per family and total number of classes per month.

1 class per month: $45.00

2 classes per month: $70.00

3 classes per month: $95.00

4 classes per month: $120.00

5 classes per month: $145.00

6 classes per month: $170.00

7 classes per month: $195.00

8 classes per month; $220.00


If a student wishes to withdraw from the studio, notice must be made immediately to the office in writing. Please remember tuition is not refundable and you will be responsible for tuition until notice has been received. Emergencies will be taken under advisement.


Whenever possible, please notify the studio office prior to absences. Tuition is still due and payable the first of the month regardless of absence due to make-up policy. Absences resulting from illness, injury, or vacation will be excused and may be made-up within six weeks. Make-ups may not be accumulated. If a student is absent for 4 consecutive weeks and tuition has not been paid, the student will be removed from the class, unless arrangements have been made previously with instructor. A $10.00 re-enrollment fee will be charged in order to re-join classes.


It is the student’s benefit to attend all of his/her classes. All classes are designed to technically prepare students for the duration of class time. Tardiness results in missing the most important part of class: the warm-up. If a student is late by more than 20 minutes, the instructor may ask them to sit and observe class to protect them from injury.


Students are not allowed to loiter outside of the dance studio. They must wait inside the studio until they are picked up. We cannot supervise your child once they leave the dance classroom. Please be prompt in picking up you child after class. Children under the age of 10 years may not be left unattended while waiting for class. It is not the responsibility of other parents or instructors to watch your child before or after classes. Please let you child & instructor know if someone other than a parent will be picking them up.


Please be polite & courteous when waiting for your children. Please clean up trash and dispose of it in trashcans. Loud noises make it difficult to teach and interrupt classes. Please do not allow children to hit, shake, stand, jump or climb on furniture. Please treat the waiting area as if it were your own home and respect others who are waiting. There is no food allowed in the waiting area or dance rooms. Only water is permitted in the studio.


Hair must be tightly secured and off the neck. All students are required to wear appropriate apparel, including leotards, tights, and proper footwear.

The mandatory studio uniform for all ballet classes is black leotard and pink tights. The mandatory studio uniform for all jazz, hip-hop and lyrical classes is black jazz pants and a red tank top or red camisole top. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. If your child is not in appropriate uniform they will be asked to sit out. Students should also have correct shoes.

Boys should be in apparel suitable for their class.

*** Students are not permitted to use or receive calls or texts on cell phones during class.


If at anytime you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with us. Please however, try not to engage instructors in lengthy conversations between classes. There are times when a teacher has only a minute or two before their next class begins. Conferences can be scheduled with instructors through the studio. Please do not call our instructors at their homes.IF a teacher arrives in class a few moments late, please take into consideration that a student, parent or some other circumstance may have caused the delay. We place priority on having all of our classes start on time, however this is not always possible.  


Please make sure your child’s name is on every piece of their dance attire, including: bags, leotards, clothing, tights, shoes, etc. A lost and Found Box will be kept in the dressing room for lost items. Anything left unclaimed at the end of each month will be donated to charity.


The studio maintains proper safeguards at all times, but makes no representations, either expressed or implied, regarding physical capabilities of our students, although activities are planned to meet overall technique and requirements for each class.NO gum is allowed in the classroom, and jewelry that dangles should be removed.


Our yearly recital is held in June. It is a major device that motivates each student. The purpose of our recital is to give the student a specific phase of performing experience as part of their dance education. The recital is not a mandatory performance. It is strictly up to the parent and the student whether or not they will participate. Students participating in the recital will be asked to purchase a costumes or costumes, depending on number of performances. There is also a Recital Fee that allows us to open our show to family, friends and the general public without having to charge an admission.